Setting Up Your 4 x 6 Roll Label Layout

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In this video tutorial we will guide you through the process of setting up out your custom 4 x 6 roll label layout using Metro Package Printing’s pre-made template. Bear in mind that this video tutorial includes the layout for the packaging as well as the labels for a Branded Wine Company, so skip ahead if you’r not interested in designing the packaging.

1) Locate the 4 x 6 roll label layout product page and download the template. to begin designing your custom printed wine labels.
2) Unzip and open the pdf file in your editing software. (we are using Adobe Illustrator)

3) Each Metro Package Printing template has a Legend which describes the different guide lines.

2x2x2 Tuck Box Layout Legend
4) If using Illustrator to edit your pdf template you will also have layers designated for each part of the template.
TemplateLayers Illustrator

5) Import your 4 x 6 Roll Label Layout design elements and begin aligning with the template.

6) If any part of your design is meant to bleed outside of the cut-line make sure that it extends to the bleed line. Also make sure to outline your text.

7) Once your design looks good save the pdf, return to the corresponding product page, select qty and any other specifications you would like and add to cart.

8) Open your shopping cart to view your order. If everything looks good hit the check out button, upload your 4 x 6 Roll Label Layout artwork and follow the check out process.

More About Custom Printed Wine Labels

Custom Printed Wine Labels: An Artistic Expression

Custom-designed wine labels offer wineries and wine enthusiasts a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, tell a story, and set their products apart:

  1. Visual Identity: The label serves as a visual identity for the wine, communicating the brand’s style and personality. It’s the first thing consumers notice, and it can leave a lasting impression.

  2. Artistic Freedom: Custom wine labels allow for artistic freedom. Winemakers can collaborate with designers to create labels that reflect the essence of their wine, whether it’s a traditional, elegant design or a bold, contemporary statement.

  3. Narrative Potential: These labels offer a space for storytelling. Winemakers can share the vineyard’s history, the winemaking process, or the wine’s unique characteristics, creating a deeper connection with consumers.

  4. Differentiation: In a crowded market, custom-designed labels help wines stand out on the shelf. Whether it’s an eye-catching design, a unique shape, or luxurious finishes, custom labels can differentiate a product effectively.

The Role of Branding in Custom Printed Wine Labels

Branding is the soul of custom-designed wine labels, and here’s why it’s indispensable:

  1. Recognition and Trust: A branded wine label immediately makes your product recognizable. It’s a symbol of quality and consistency, helping build trust with consumers.

  2. Consistency: Consistency in branding across all label materials is crucial. It ensures that your branding elements align with your marketing materials, website, and other touchpoints, presenting a unified and professional image.

  3. Storytelling: Custom wine labels provide a unique canvas to tell your brand’s story or share its values. Use this space to convey a narrative that connects with your audience and deepens their relationship with your brand.

  4. Marketing and Differentiation: Branded wine labels are more than just packaging; they are a marketing tool. They can feature promotions, discounts, or QR codes that lead customers to your website or social media. Custom printing helps differentiate your wine in a competitive market.

  5. Gift-Giving Experience: Custom-designed wine labels elevate the gift-giving experience. Whether it’s a personal or corporate gift, a beautifully branded label adds a touch of luxury and thoughtfulness, making the recipient feel special.

Custom-designed wine labels serve as a creative expression of a wine’s character and style. They offer winemakers a platform to showcase their creativity, differentiate their products, and tell a compelling story. However, the true potential of custom wine labels is realized when branding is incorporated into the design. Branding enhances recognition, trust, storytelling, and consistency while serving as a marketing and differentiation tool. Whether it’s for retail, gifting, or promotional purposes, custom-designed wine labels provide an opportunity to make a memorable impression and deepen the connection between your brand and its audience. In the competitive world of wine, leveraging custom-designed wine labels can be the key to success.

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