Setting Up Your 3x3 Custom Shape Label Layout

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In this video tutorial we will guide you through the process of laying out your 3×3 custom shape label layout design using Metro Package Printing’s pre-made template.

1) Locate the Custom Shape Roll Labels product page and download the template for 3×3 sized custom shape labels.
2) Unzip and open the pdf file in your editing software. (we are using Adobe Illustrator)

3) Each Metro Package Printing label template has indicators which describe the different guide lines. The specifications for Bleed, Cut and Safety guides apply to your custom shape label


4) If using Illustrator to edit your pdf template you will also have layers designated for each part of the template.

TemplateLayers Illustrator

5) Import your custom shape label layout design elements and begin aligning with the template. In the video tutorial we show how that would work for an octagonal custom shape label.

6) If any part of your design is meant to bleed outside of the cut-line make sure that it extends to the bleed line.

7) Once your design looks good save the pdf, duplicate it and name it something that makes sense such as Custom Shape Guide. Open it in Illustrator, remove everything except for the “cut line” and save the pdf. Now return to the corresponding product page on our website , select qty and any other specifications you would like and add to cart.

8) Open your shopping cart to view your order. If everything looks good with your custom shape label layout hit the check out button, upload your artwork file, the custom shape file and follow the check out process.

Why Custom Shape Labels?

Custom shaped labels offer a powerful way to differentiate your products and make a lasting impact on consumers compared to standard-sized labels. These distinctive labels are not just a functional element; they serve as a unique branding tool that sets you apart from the competition in several compelling ways.

First and foremost, custom shape label layout break free from the ordinary. While standard-sized labels might conform to conventional shapes and sizes, custom labels allow you to think outside the box – literally. You have the creative freedom to design labels that align with your brand’s identity and product aesthetics. Whether it’s a label shaped like your logo, the product itself, or a symbol that represents your brand, custom shapes enable you to make a memorable and eye-catching impression.

Custom shaped labels also enhance brand recognition. When consumers encounter your product on a shelf filled with standardized labels, the unique shape immediately draws their attention. This visual distinctiveness creates a stronger association between your brand and the product, making it easier for customers to recall and choose your offering.

Furthermore, custom labels reinforce your brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. They showcase a willingness to go the extra mile in terms of presentation, which resonates positively with consumers. The effort put into custom shaped labels signals that your brand values uniqueness and attention to detail, factors that can influence purchasing decisions.

In a competitive market, standing out is paramount. Custom shaped labels provide a powerful tool to achieve this goal. They allow you to be creative, memorable, and unique – qualities that can make a significant impact on your brand’s success. So, don’t be confined by standard-sized labels; embrace the possibilities of custom shapes to leave a lasting impression on your customers and outshine your competitors.

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