Setting Up Your 3X2X5 Tent Box Layout

In this video tutorial we will guide you through the process of laying out your custom 3x2x5 tent box using Metro Package Printing’s pre-made template.

1) Locate the 3x2x5 Tent Box product page and download the template.
2) Unzip and open the pdf file in your editing software. (we are using Adobe Illustrator)

3) Each Metro Package Printing template has a Legend which describes the different guide lines.

2x2x2 Tuck Box Layout Legend

4) If using Illustrator to edit your pdf template you will also have layers designated for each part of the template.

TemplateLayers Illustrator

5) Import your design elements and begin aligning with the template.

6) If any part of your design is meant to bleed outside of the cut-line make sure that it extends to the bleed line.

7) Once your design looks good save the pdf, return to the corresponding product page, select qty and any other specifications you would like and add to cart.

8) Open your shopping cart to view your order. If everything looks good hit the check out button, upload your artwork and follow the check out process.

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